She has personal collage techniques «Pieces Art», and also holds a patent (№ 2344053) in Russia.


Daria Usova was born in Baltic, city Königsberg, 1986.

  • studied and finished the (the Moscow pedagogical state university),faculty of art-graphic
  • studied and finished( the Russian state humanitarian university) faculty of examination subjects of antiques
  • participation in a young exhibition in «Gallery on Kuznetsk Most» under Moscow the Union of Artists.
  • the debut project of collages on a theme «Reconstruction»;
  • participation in an exhibition «Memory», the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow
  • 06.06.06 a personal exhibition «JL» (dummies about a fashion) in the international gallery «Stella Art Gallery», Moscow.
  • an exhibition of dummies in the Museum of the Modern art, Moscow (project «POWER»)
  • participation in an exhibition of Russian illustrators «Love Couture» (gallery Zurab, Moscow)
  • participation in an exhibition «Kate Moss» (the Center of the Modern art, Moscow)
  • personal exhibition «Strike a pose», Prado cafe
  • participation in festival of Russian illustrators «Institute of the Smile»
  • participation in an exhibition «the Zoo», «Arterium» gallery
  • participation in the first Moscow International Biennial of Young Art «Stand! Who Goes?»:
  • a series of collages with name «Citys», the Museum of the Modern art («Migration» project),
  • video collages « Flight of beauty», gallery «Zurab», «Souvenirs of UFO» project;
  • personal exhibition «ART-MAZDA», Special collages, Aerographics for Mazda
  • Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
    • art market in New York «Pulse New York»
    • exhibition «Backstage» RuArts
    • participation in the third festival of Russian illustrators «Free Wi-Fi», gallery Zurab, Moscow)
  • Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
    • participation in an exhibition «Duel»
    • participation in an exhibition «In Memoriam»
  • personal exhibition «Mythical artefacts» the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow 09.07.10
  • participation in the second Moscow International Biennial of Young Art «Stand! Who Goes?»
  • a personal exhibition «Glossy Attraktion» in World Сlass
  • participation in an exhibition in «Prichal» Moscow
  • participation in an exhibition in Mimesis gallery, Geneva
  • a personal exhibition «Pieces Art» in «The Castle design» Geneve
  • a personal exhibition for shop «Cosmotheca» in Art Kvartal (Winzavod) Moscow - participation in an exhibition «City» Mimesis gallery, Geneva - participation in an exhibition - party in «Art Hous» Moscow
  • big personal exhibition in RuArts gallery «Sense, spirit and body», Moscow
  • personal exhibition in Nest gallery «New Sensation – Collages», Geneva
  • personal exhibition in restaurant «Aist» Moscow - participation in Workshop 20’12 - Rejected Reality, Artplay, Moscow
  • personal exhibition in Nest gallery «Collection City’s» Geneva
  • personal exhibition for «FAVORIT» event – Lausanne – Beau-Rivage Palace
  • participation gallery Art&Emotion , Lausanne
  • personal exhibition in Art Monaco14 - personal exhibition «Art of desire» A’trego Cap d’Ail
  • participation Art Monaco 15
  • personal exhibition «FABERGE» Continental Art Gallery Cap Ferrat
  • participation in big exhibition of Anrey Bartenev MMOMA Moscow
  • participation un project Sky Dreams GUM Moscow - personal exhibition Societe General Private Banking Monaco - participation in Arternativelight Monaco 15
  • participation in exhibition «American city» gallery Art&Emotion Lausanne
  • personal exhibition private banking Credit Mobilier de Monaco
  • personal Private Exhibition Sea view Rooftop Terrace of Socete Generale Private Bankong in Monaco
  • exhibition in Cap Ferrat in «La symphonie des Fleurs» Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
    • participation in ArtMonaco16 with press MONACO magazine
    • participation with series «Card of Rorschach» in Xcontemprorary Miami with Boccara art Gallery Monaco
  • paricipation in charity Event in Monaco auction , «Change One Life» by Olga Taran with collage «Monaco View»
  • Master Class for adults «Collage of desires» in Yacht Club de Monaco
  • Participation in collective exhibition in gallery ARTINTERIOR Moscow
  • participation in TOP MARQUES2017, personal exhibition and official meeting with Prince Albert
  • participation on Affordable Art Fair, with A.P.T. Gallery, personal exhibition ,Hong Kong
  • Master Class for children in school Saint Charles Monaco
  • Personal exhibition 12 June in Yacht Club Monaco in Day indepandet of Russia
  •  participation in collective exhibition «NY city» gallery Art&Emotion Lausanne - paricipation in Evning of Bella Akhmaduina with art work «Dream Mention», charity Event in Yacht Club de Monaco
  •  participation in auction ARTCURIAL, Yacht club de Monaco for AMREF flying doctors.
  •  particioation in POP up exhibition in President Wilson, Geneve «SamhАrt Gallery», Switzerland
    •  particioation in winter exhibition «SamhАrt Gallery», Gstaad, Switzerland
    •  Personal Exhibition «Top Marques 2018»
    •  participation on Affordable Art Fair , with A.P.T. Gallery, personal exhibition ,Hong Kong
    •  personal Exhibition in AldoCopola Monaco
    •  Partisipation in Art Shanhai with Boccara art Gallery Monaco