NFT Chart’s Life

The Chart is your hero.  Does it surprise you? Yes!

Does it make your heart race? Definitely!

Is it about us? Sure!

The story of the Chart and its adventures will become a central point in my new picture series.

I am undertaking a challenge to make several pics showing the events in Chart’s life.

In the picture, you can see the hands that depict every one of us. These hands, in turn, symbolize the well-known characters of Mario, Mickey Mouse, Sonic, and Tom the Cat.

Also, you can see virtual reality gloves, clown gloves, a hand reaching out from a screen, as well as Michelangelo’s hands.


digital collage/2021


digital collage/2021


digital collage/2021


digital collage/2021

Vacuum cleaner chart

digital collage/2021

Flush Chart

digital collage/2021