The Environment video

The environment is the milieu that can transform a person’s mindset. The process is comparable to a chemical reaction: if a chemical component or a person are introduced into a new environment, their characteristics and quality of perception may change. Hopefully, for the better. In certain environments, one may discover new inner strength and come to believe that even one’s boldest dreams may come true!

This project is about the transformation of reality and the formation of mental portals in our understanding of the future, the past, the present, as well as fiction and reality.

In addition to real work, I create augmented reality effects that allow you to immerse yourself in work using a smartphone.

I would like to create many immersive additions for this series: Video, VR, 3d, hologram.

1. Mars portal, 2022, 200x130

2. Staircase, 2020, 200x130

3. Wonderland, 2020, 130x100

4. Journey to the Centre of the Earth, 2021, 150x100

5. The New Wizard of Oz, 2021, 150x100

6. Portal, 2022, 200x130