Sculptures by Daria Usova are a continuation of the Actual Art series. 
ArtWorks from 2D space move to 3D — or rather materialize in the real world. So the collage becomes voluminous.
It took the artist a whole year to create the first work from idea to realization «Pinocchio» or “Google knows the answer».
The idea of ​​this work is as a reflection of each of us who wants to become a «real human». 
Daria believes that this sculpture is one of her best artworks and incarnations of Pieces Art!
The sculpture «Alice is bigger then world» is the second one to create, it took 9 months to complete.
Alice is not only about personal growth and the feeling «the whole World is not enough», but also about the fact that every artist should have their own «Girl on the Ball».

*The works are made of resin using new technologies mixed with the classic Pieces Art collage technique.

Google Knows The answer


Alice is bigger than world